About Us

SKOPP GLOBALTECH COMPANY LTD is a wholly owned Ghanaian information and technology firm that is motivated by efficiency in speed delivery. Though very young in the system, SKOPP GlobalTech hit the ground running by undertaken major works for clients ranging from individuals to corporate institutions.

We strive to be one of the best in the Ghanaian IT industry with an eye to be amongst leading IT Companies in Africa. We accomplish this by always analyzing each client’s situation and coming up with a customized solution. At SKOPP GlobalTech, you won’t necessarily pay more for a custom solution than you would pay for the standardized solutions offered by our competitors.


SKOPP GLOBALTECH was founded in 2013 by Samuel Oppong Koranteng. Within months, it was joined by partners from the industry who came to add with their rich experience. We therefore form a team of young experienced and enthusiastic professionals skilled with solutions for facilitating ICT, marketing and business optimization.


We deliver in line with our clients in mind taking into consideration every detail concerning their preference to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. We however apply the latest technological developments to provide our clients with the best solutions at the best price.